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“Allison’s critiques are insightful, poignant and multi-layered. She edits a project from big-picture, story-arc issues down to specific word choices while keeping in mind voice, pacing, character development, and emotional authenticity. She is encouraging and offers suggestions for resolving issues in a story. 

Allison is a true professional. Her knowledge of comparative books and of the publishing industry as a whole is vast and extraordinarily helpful. Another welcomed trait is that she stays true to her deadlines and timelines.


I owe my publishing successes to her, without a doubt! I wouldn’t dare submit a manuscript to an editor until it was ‘Allison-approved!’ My published friends to whom I’ve recommended Allison’s services have thanked me.”

—Jean Reagan, author of the New York Times bestselling How to Babysit a Grandpa series

“Years ago, I attended an inspiring SCBWI talk given by Allison Wortche about the craft of storytelling in picture books. When I read in a blog post that she was offering freelance editorial services, I jumped at the opportunity and sent her my manuscript and dummy. Allison was able to quickly spot the weaknesses in my storytelling and character development. And rather than trying to mold the story to her own sensibility, she dug deep into my characters, so that her suggestions, both conceptual and specific, felt organic to my story.


Allison is a fantastic editor, and her insights and understanding of the picture book craft have helped bring my story to another level. My first two books featuring Danbi are being published by Penguin Young Readers, and I cannot thank Allison enough for her insights and editorial guidance.”

—Anna Kim, author-illustrator of Danbi Leads the School Parade 

“Allison’s a dream editor—professional, thoughtful, thorough, and kind. She (gently) pushes me to think about plot points, asks probing questions, and offers invaluable insights from her editing (and writing) experience. Extremely well organized, Allison consistently goes above and beyond to help get my stories to the next level. I wouldn’t think of submitting a picture book manuscript without her feedback first.”


—Deb Sullivan, picture book author

“Allison has been a tremendous help as I dip my toes into the world of writing. I found her site through the rabbit hole of the web, and I am so thrilled she agreed to work with me. I find her critiques to be constructive, additive and precise. It is clear she brings a high level of experience and knowledge to the table, and she has been very professional and responsive in her communication. I have had her review several manuscripts and appreciate that I have a consistent editor who knows my voice and areas where I tend to struggle.


I hope to work with Allison for a long time, and I’m thankful she has decided to take on freelance work! 

And as I write this, all I am thinking is, ‘I hope Allison edits this before it goes live.’”


—Aaron DeWitt, illustrator of All the Ways I Love You

“Over the years I’ve worked with many professional freelance editors on my picture book manuscripts, and Allison is by far the best. Her experience and knowledge of the publishing world are unmatched.


Allison is organized and punctual—two traits I greatly appreciate! I truly value her attention to detail and her gentle way of giving constructive feedback. Her suggestions are phrased gracefully and respectfully. I’m sure the task is not easy, but Allison has the patience and professionalism for the job. With each critique/edit, I learn and grow as a writer. I am so grateful for her guidance and support. Every time I question what I’m writing I ask myself, ‘What would Allison say?’ A thousand thanks to Allison for her help in shaping me as a writer!”

—Kelly Bookamer, picture book author

“Allison helped me transform my book with her suggestions, which made the storyline much easier to follow and the dialogue far more natural. She helped me to add in moments of suspense, and her gentle and thoughtful notes changed the illustrations so that they draw the reader in. Not only did Allison bring clarity to the story and art, but she also helped us edit the back matter that we included for educators.


I cannot thank Allison enough for helping me with the first book I am finally able to publish. Even better than being published, though, is that slowly, through her guidance, I am finally learning how to write.”


—Edie Lau, author of Clementine’s Great Big Uh-Ohs

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